Новости First AERODIUM Mobile wind tunnel

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First AERODIUM Mobile wind tunnel

 In February 2009 we have completed our first AERODIUM MOBILE.

Our target was to make the best mobile wind tunnel ever built. We involved many engineering and high tech solutions to achieve this goal. Our work resulted with self sufficient, diesel powered machine able to generate air stream strong enough to perform almost any flight position in tight suits.

Our system is mid priced, much more advanced, superior technology to ANY other mobile vertical wind tunnels available in the market. Best value for money!


It is the most effective system available in market. Our unique aerodynamic solutions allow to get strong and uniform airstream in diameter of 2.8 meters from relatively small diesel engine 800HP. It also means huge economy of fuel burned which is good for environment and business. 


Hydraulic systems
Mobile tunnel is equipped with hydraulic systems for easier and faster set-up and dismantling. It allows to minimize men power during installation, as a result we can set-up it less than in 2 hours with 2-3 employees, also on almost any surface which can handle weight of machine as hydraulic outriggers are used. 


Safety is our top priority! We are the only manufacturer whose products and processes are certified for safety by independent third party organization TŪV Rheinland Group (www.tuv.com). Moreover, we are the only manufacturer using movie stunt technologies to prevent any possible accidents during flight. 


It has cutting edge electronics helping to run business. Black Box registers any operation with the equipment (every minute), allowing to monitor your business and plan maintenance schedules. 


Visually attractive
Flying area is visually transparent that makes it visually very attractive. Performances can be seen in open air from almost any angle. It is an ideal solution for public events and promotional campaigns. Tunnel is also equipped with lightning system that allows to operate and perform during night. 


Power source independent
Our tunnel is equipped with autonomous diesel generator that allows to run tunnel in almost any place even if you don’t have any connection to electricity. Generator can supply power also for other installations necessary for operations.

In year 2009 this machine will have a tour through many European countries.

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