What is a vertical wind tunnel?

  How flying is possible?  

How flying is possible?

An engine with a propeller or a fan moves air up in a vertical stream. People can lie in this wind stream and levitate. Special movements help flyers to change their positions while flying: rise higher, make turns in all directions and positions and get back to the ground.


Who can fly?

Everyone can fly. Starting at age 3 till old age. It is an adventure for those who want to try it. It is a lifestyle and sport for those who want to be excellent in flying. And it is an exciting experience just to see others flying.

  Who can fly?
  How wind tunnel can be used?  

How wind tunnel can be used?

  • Adventure – it can be used as a stand-alone business to provide flying experience for everyone
  • Attraction – it can be used as an attraction in an amusement park, festival or in any other event
  • Events – it is a great tool to get a wow-effect for show events
  • Sports – it helps skydivers and body flyers to improve flying & coordination skills. Recently indoor skydiving has been developing as a new sports discipline
  • Commercial videos – it is used to film amazing tricks and impressive scenes
  • Military – it is a safe and efficient training for paratroopers

What types of wind tunnels are there?

There are different types and sizes of wind tunnels that will precisely meet your needs:

  • From stationary to mobile
  • From outdoor to indoor flying experience
  • From warm seasons to cold seasons
  • From a small diameter (1 person flying) to a large diameter (up to 8 persons flying at a time)
  • From silent to less silent

AERODIUM – the original inventor of vertical wind tunnels – offers full product and service range. This is a growing business that gives a combination of meaningful activity and good profit.

  What types of wind tunnels are there?

  • Inventors of vertical wind tunnel

  • TUV Certified

  • Winter Olympic Games 2006, Torino

  • World Expo 2010, Shanghai