News Pavilion of Latvia and AERODIUM wind tunnel FOR SALE

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Pavilion of Latvia and AERODIUM wind tunnel FOR SALE

Taking into account recent success of the Latvia pavilion at WORLD EXPO we are pleased to announce that this experience will be shared with the world through unique opportunity.

The Latvia pavilion - Technology of Happiness along with closed recirculation vertical wind tunnel and all other equipment for operation will be sold at open auction. Auction start price is EUR 1 000 000

Additionally You have to consider service agreement with AERODIUM which insures dismantling, transportation and other setup costs (designs, taxes, local approvals, electricity etc) in the place of operation of vertical wind tunnel.

Everybody can participate in an auction. We suggest that those who are operating amusement parks, entertainment facilities and similar businesses, familiar with show business should take close look at this lifetime opportunity and participate in an auction. We strongly encourage everyone interested in exploring this opportunity to visit Latvia pavilion at WORLD EXPO in Shanghai at any time before closing of the WORLD EXPO on 31 October.

Technical, business information as well as relevant documentation on the auction will be sent to potential buyers upon sending brief expression of interest to


Watch the video presentation:


  • Inventors of vertical wind tunnel

  • TUV Certified

  • Winter Olympic Games 2006, Torino

  • World Expo 2010, Shanghai